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Frustrated because Difficult Add Weight - Compass.

Frustrated because Difficult Add Weight - Compass.

QUESTION: Doc, I was 20 years old with a height of 163 cm and my weight is 42 kg. I included the skinny dock. I have eaten a lot of the advice of a doctor in another post. But my body is still not contained. I've also been exercising but still not gain weight. Is my absorption in the intestine does not work optimally? How can I consume foods that can be absorbed by both appropriate portions of my meal. (Candles, Metro Lampung) ANSWER: Dear ananda Candles in Metro LampungTerima you for standing read my previous article. When analyzed from the data attached, ananda is included in the criteria of body weight (BW) less (BMI 15.8 kg / m2). Less weight would give unfavorable repercussions also for health such as susceptible to infectious diseases, menstrual disorders, osteoporosis risk is higher, susceptible to asthma, scoliosis, emotional disorders, digestive disorders, etc. There are some things that cause weight gain did not increase: 1. Factors keturunan2. A chronic disease that affects the absorption and metabolism, such as hipertiroidi, malignant disease, AIDS, kidney disease, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) 3. Psychiatric disorders 4. Inadequate intake of energy and nutrients with regard to scarcity of resources, emotional stress, allergies variety of food and style BB hidupUntuk treat conditions less, of course, by increasing the intake resulting in a positive balance between food intake and energy expenditure body. As is known, increases BB BB in those who have less, as difficult to derive BB in those who were obese. But ananda do not be discouraged, because there are many things to do: 1. Consumption of food according to the needs of the body coupled with a 500 kcal / day to help improve the BB ½ kg per week. To ananda can be administered as much as 2350 kcal / day. As examples of the menu is as follows: • Breakfast: low-fat milk 1 cup + bread sandwich two pieces (bread + cheese + eggs + vegetables) • Snack in the morning: cake risoles 1 + cake Soes 1 • Lunch: rice 200 gr + cooked meats tomatoes 100 gr + pepes out 50 ounces + soups mushroom ragout 100 g + oranges 50 gr • Snack afternoon: pureed green beans 1 cup • Dinner: rice 150 gr + fish teriyaki 100 gr + tempeh curry sauce 50 gr + sup 3 types vegetables apples 100 gr + 50 gr • Snack night: low-fat milk 1 cup + 2 keping2 krackers. Choose the type of food that is not too fatty. Suggested fat is only about 25- 30% of total calories and precedence of this type of omega 3, 6 and 9. Likewise, the sugars like those found in soft drinks, keripik- chips, candy, dll3. Feeding schedule should be divided into 6x Award, with 3x the main meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with 3x snack, meal intervals which should be no more than 4 hours. Snack at night before bedtime should still be consumed, because bedtime levels of growth hormone are in tertinggi.4. Limit drinking more water and soft drinks at meals, to prevent a quick taste kenyang.5. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs terlarang.6. Sufficient rest and sleep around 6-8 hours sehari.7. Do some weight training every two days, limit exercise is aerobic (such as a treadmill, cycling, jogging, etc.) 8. Perform stress management and relaksasi.9. Avoid the use of supplements that are not useful include anada steroid.Silahkan try, if they failed to give results, it would be nice if anada consult the nearest family doctor to rule out any abnormalities or other metabolic chronic diseases.

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