Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Hovering closet and Flora Adding Accents

Hovering closet and Flora Adding Accents Beautiful
                         - Processed drifting effect, accent floral motifs in backpanel, and the play of light can make a kitchen more alive. The modern kitchen is not only seen from the choice of material and shape alone. There are other elements such as the details and accents that are mounted in a kitchen set composition. Kitchen with a length of 2m looks very compact. The kitchen is located in the hallway that connects the dining room and the bathroom. Julianto Jap, from MGAdesign revealed, a kitchen designed to accommodate the needs of residents who desire compactness. Including compact in preparing the dishes. Details processed with good kitchen, and it looks like matching between elements one with the other elements. It could diliat design. All handle flush with the field cabinet. Handle does not stand out. This design is suitable for security, because the occupants would not hit the handle when walking along the wall cabinet. Other preparations exist in a tiny kitchen cabinet design touches are seen hovering. Apparently this is due to the use of the cabinet without legs. Cabinet made stick to the wall, so seen floating. Designs like this that include being the hallmark of a modern kitchen design. Floral accents on the back of the kitchen add a beautiful kitchen. Not only beautiful, but also it makes the kitchen feel more character, has a comfortable sense captured the sense of sight. There are two different approaches floral accents. On the right rear there is an accent that emerged from the flora motif wall cover. Wallcover floral motif seems to be the background of the two stacking shelves attached to the front. Accents another one is on the backpanel dapur.Backpanel made of coated mirrors sandblast cutting sticker motifs are carved with floral patterns. Accents on the backpanel as a continuation of the accent on the right rear of the kitchen. Accents looks binding composition of the kitchen, and it adds to the overall room. (Zaka Indra Permana / IDEA)

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